The Balloon Story by Joey

Imagine your most favourite spot in the world or a place you like to visit.

At this spot, you are waiting to leave with a group of people on a hot-air balloon.  Three of you all won a trip on this balloon.  As you step into the balloon with the other two people you accidentally kick the rope that was holding the balloon to the ground. It suddenly lifts off the ground without the person who was going to take the three of you on the tour.

“We were up in the morning sky and I did not know who the two other people were so I introduced myself and they introduced themselves. Their names were William and Jackson. William was ten and had blonde hair.  Jackson was wearing cool sun glasses and was nine.

After three hours flying we safely landed on the lawn of a candy factory. William opened the door and we all went in. It was amazing! We walked to end of the candy factory.  The owner, Phil, was really nice. He gave us some candy that I’ve never had before. Then he gave us a huge chocolate bar.  He said just one was worth one hundred dollars.

We sold the candy bar and the balloon to a hungry old man for eight hundred dollars and got a limo home.  We told everybody about our adventure.”


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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