The Balloon Story by Tyanna

Imagine your most favourite spot in the world or a place you like to visit.

At this spot, you are waiting to leave with a group of people on a hot-air balloon.  Three of you all won a trip on this balloon.  As you step into the balloon with the other two people you accidentally kick the rope that was holding the balloon to the ground. It suddenly lifts off the ground without the person who was going to take the three of you on the tour.

As the balloon quickly lifts off the ground I realize what has just happened. I let out a huge scream to the people down below, “Help!, What’s happening?” I can’t hear what people are saying because we are traveling so fast, straight up into the sky.

When we were in the clouds I saw two ropes. I said to the two people with me,”Hey, these ropes might lead us down.” So I pulled on one of the ropes and I couldn’t see. But I turned the balloon left. I saw clouds under us and the sun and some birds.

As we were thinking how to get down we introduced ourselves. There was a mom named Christina and her daughter Stephanie they were from Saskatchewan and they were on a holiday and thought this would be a fun tour.

Christina found a dial on the balloon that she could turn and it would bring the balloon down.  Christina did not know she had   to turn the dial slowly. She turned it fast and we swooped down. We landed in a little town called Port McNeill. Since we had started out trip in California we were a long way away from home. We got out of the balloon and looked around. We found some money on the ground. We used the money to get some food. Stephanie figured out how to fly the balloon and she called to me and Christina to climb up. She threw us down a rope to climb into the basket. In the basket were a map and a big lunch. We all flew safely back to California. What an amazing trip!


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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