The Balloon Story by Connor

Imagine your most favourite spot in the world or a place you like to visit.

At this spot, you are waiting to leave with a group of people on a hot-air balloon.  Three of you all won a trip on this balloon.  As you step into the balloon with the other two people you accidentally kick the rope that was holding the balloon to the ground. It suddenly lifts off the ground without the person who was going to take the three of you on the tour.

We went to Game Ville.  We do not know where we are.  Hi, my name is Connor and the two other people are Joe and Greg.  We were scared because we were in Game Ville.  It was scary and cool but we did not know what game we were in.

Then we were scared because something popped out at us.  We did not know that it was bad.  But now we know what game we were in.  It was Mine Craft.  We now know what popped out at us too.  It was a Creeper.  So then we ran off.  It was kind of cool.

Then we saw the Creeper again.  We hid in the bushes.  We were scared that the Creeper would go there.  So we hoped that he would not come there.  The Creeper saw us.  We ran to the water.  We quickly made a raft and then we jumped on it.  Then we sailed back to safety.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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1 Response to The Balloon Story by Connor

  1. Gregory says:

    MineCraft is in gameville? Thats amazing, you should make another one.

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