Hot Air Balloon Story by Chloe

Imagine your most favourite spot in the world or a place you like to visit.

At this spot, you are waiting to leave with a group of people on a hot-air balloon.  Three of you all won a trip on this balloon.  As you step into the balloon with the other two people you accidentally kick the rope that was holding the balloon to the ground. It suddenly lifts off the ground without the person who was going to take the three of you on the tour.

One of the girls was Brittany. The other girl was Jordyn. The boy’s name was Steven. They all won a free ride on a hot air balloon. They had never seen each other before. The girls became very good friends. Luckily Brittany brought some girly stuff like nail polish and make up. Steven felt very lonely then he remembered he packed his iPod.

He chatted with his friends and family. Then a big gust of wind came and all of the girls and Steven’s stuff flew over the edge of the balloon. They were very sad. The wind came back and the balloon turned around. Not long after that they fell asleep.

In the morning they were all very hungry. Then Jordyn, Brittany and Steven remembered that they packed a snack for themselves. In all of their lunch bags was some stuff that their mom’s packed for them. Steven got a toy car, Jordyn got a Barbie princess and Brittany got a pair of underwear.

It was night and they all fell asleep. In the morning they were getting to know each other a little more. But one week past and before they knew it they were back home. They became very good friends. They played with each other all the time.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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