The Witch by Rilee

A long, long time ago there was a boy around the age of five. He had brown hair and hazel green eyes. His name was Tucker Riehl and Halloween was Tucker’s favourite time of the year.

It was Thanksgiving and Tucker was having a big turkey dinner with his family. For dessert, Tucker had a small piece of pumpkin pie with cool wipe on it.

The next day, Tucker and his mom went to the store to get a costume. He was looking at a witch costume for his sister but they did not get that one. They got a wizard costume for Tucker.

Tucker and his dad went and got some really big pumpkins. So they brought them home and carved them. Tucker’s looked happy and his dad’s looked scary.

So Halloween rolled around and Tucker and his mom and dad went trick or treating. Tucker started getting suckers and Reese’s Pieces Butter Cups and lots of other candy. When Tucker was walking behind his mom and dad, out of nowhere someone pulled him in the bush. When his dad said, “Hurry up!” he looked back to find he was not there!

When Tucker woke up he was in a strange place with a strange lady inside the place. Tucker was scared and he wanted his mom and dad. He said to the strange lady “Who are you?”

The lady turned away from a big pot and said “I am the witch of hallows end”. She had a green face with three moles – one beside her nose, one on the right side of her four head and the last one was on the left side of her chin.

She also had crooked yellow teeth.

Tucker’s mom and dad went straight to the police and they said, “Our son has been taken!”

The police said, “Did you see the person that took him?”

They said, “No we did not, but this is what our son looks like.” And they handed them a photo.

Back at the witch’s house, Tucker was crying and said, “I want my mom and dad!”, in a screaming kind of voice.

Tucker was tied to a chair. But then Tucker remembered that his sister taught him how to untie himself because they played a game where you had to untie yourself from the table

So Tucker thought it would be the same and tried this when the witch was not looking.

The witch suddenly looked back and Tucker stopped. The witch then went back to her big pot.

Tucker started again and he got out and tiptoed to the door.

The witch looked back and he was not there. She looked at the door and just screamed and went running after Tucker. Tucker went bolting out the door and just kept running.

While Tucker’s parents were looking for him, he came out of nowhere. They heard screaming so they ran to the noise and found the witch holding him. They got behind a bush so the witch could not see them. That’s when the dad called 911 and he said I found my son but there is some weird lady holding him.

“Ok”, said the police chief “We’ll be right over.”

Soon enough they were there and asked where is the suspect?

“Right over there.” said Tucker’s dad pointed to the lady and the chief of police said, “What is that? Is that THE WITCH OF HALLOWS END?”

The witch was so consumed with Tucker that she didn’t see that the sun was rising. The dad said “Don’t witches die when the sun hits?”

Then a few minutes later, she noticed that the sun was going to rise in 2 minutes. The family was 5 minutes away from the witch. so she just ran as fast as she could.

The chief of police and Tucker’s dad and mom followed the witch with Tucker around their arms.

The sun rose and the witch turned to dust.

Tucker’s mom and dad went running and Tucker said “I love you!” to his parents.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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7 Responses to The Witch by Rilee

  1. This was fun to read when you first sent it to me. I’m glad you edited it to make it a better ending.

  2. Emily Jeffrey says:

    That was a great story Rilee! I really enjoyed it! :)

  3. BREE says:

    Rilee I loved your story it was very exciting to read.

  4. Gregory says:

    And then what happens? Is there another one?

  5. daniel says:

    This an awesome story. It was amazing.

  6. Lily says:

    Great story Rilee. It is amazing.

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