The Balloon Story by Xandryn

Imagine your most favourite spot in the world or a place you like to visit.

At this spot, you are waiting to leave with a group of people on a hot-air balloon.  Three of you all won a trip on this balloon.  As you step into the balloon with the other two people you accidentally kick the rope that was holding the balloon to the ground. It suddenly lifts off the ground without the person who was going to take the three of you on the tour.

I fell into the balloon. There were two other girls in the balloon. Their names were Brittany and Kylie. “Are we moving”? I asked

“Yes we are” said Brittany.

“I’m afraid of heights” said Kylie.

“Where are we going” I asked.

“We don’t know” they said. Then we felt a bump.

“Ahhh” I said as I almost fell out of the balloon.

“Are you okay?”, they asked.

“I’m fine don’t worry” I said.

Then we saw a huge mountain. “Wow”, we all said. Then I walked into a pole.

“Ouch”, I said.

“That must be the steering wheel” Kylie said.

“Okay, now you tell us” Brittany and I said.

I tried steering. It was amazing. I steered toward a rainbow a little ways ahead of us.

“Guys, look a rainbow!” I said

“Wow, let’s see if we can reach it” Brittany said.

So we headed to the rainbow.

“This is hard to steer” I said.

So Kylie started to steer but she was too weak, so when she tried, she fell over. “Are you okay Kylie?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m fine but I almost fell out.

“Ahhh”, yelled Brittany.

“Oh no I hope Brittany is okay.” I said.

Then we heard her scream. She got closer and we saw Brittany come back up. When she fell down, she caught herself on the basket.

“Brittany” I said happily.

“Can you help me up?” she asked.

“Yes, of course we will Brittany” we said.

So we helped her up.

“Brittany what did you bounce off of”? I asked?

“I bounced off of another hot air balloon” she said. “It was getting dark so I turned on the light and got out blankets and pillows. So we laid down and we fell asleep.”

The next morning, we woke up. We headed home and that was our amazing voyage.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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4 Responses to The Balloon Story by Xandryn

  1. Gregory says:

    How do you come up with something so cool? If you get a blog you should make another one.

  2. Lily says:

    I love your story Xandryn.It is a lot better than anything that I have ever written!

  3. Shaynna says:

    Nice job Xandryn. Where did you find such a good story?

  4. Brennan says:

    You did a great job I love your story.

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