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Port McNeill, British Columbia

Do you know any Port McNeill? Well, I do and I’m going to tell you all the town history I know. I think I know quite a bit. My great-grandfather Stu Robertson was the first mayor of Port McNeill. He … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered why cats always land on their feet? Well, cats don’t always land on their feet though people might say that they do. Cats are very smart because, like people, when cats are falling they put their … Continue reading

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Have you ever eaten a guppy before? In this writing I’m going to tell you about some interesting facts about guppies. Guppies live three to four weeks without food. They have small tummies and can only consume a little bit … Continue reading

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Do you like math? Math has 4 basic parts. Math can help you in the future. The basic step is addition. If you have 3 spoons and 1 fork, you add them up and count how much cutlery you have. … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing is fun but can be dangerous at times. There are many types of flies.  Some flies float and some sink.  Wet flies are used for deeper water and dry flies are used on the top of the water.   … Continue reading

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Christmas Concert

Please join us on December 17, 2012 in the Sunset Gym. Students will be performing in the Holiday Musicals “A Bear-y Merry Holiday” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  The students have been working very hard to bring you an enjoyable … Continue reading

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Sharks live in warm waters and don’t have many predators. They have also been around since the dinosaur age but are now going extinct.  They eat many different fish and sea bottom life such as stingray, bill fish, and small … Continue reading

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