sharkSharks live in warm waters and don’t have many predators. They have also been around since the dinosaur age but are now going extinct.  They eat many different fish and sea bottom life such as stingray, bill fish, and small schools of fish like tuna and bonito.

Sharks live where ever there is food and warm water. Most species of sharks reside in saltwater which means they are found in oceans. However, some of them are known to live in fresh bodies of water.

Sharks are known to be extremely intelligent creatures. Over time, they have found many ways to communicate. Sharks usually communicate through aggression like fighting each other or biting. Have you ever wondered why sharks only eat small fish? Well, it’s because they have to swallow it quickly so another shark can’t take their catch.

Sharks depend on their senses to survive. They have a line that lets them detect vibrations in the water. This line is called the lateral line. The strongest sense for a shark is its smell. A shark’s smell is the main key to hunting because they can smell blood.

As you are reading this, more facts are being put together about these highly intelligent fish. These facts are just some of the millions about sharks. Sharks are being hunted every day and they are going extinct. We need to do more to protect sharks and the waters they live in.

by Rhys from Mr. Mollinga’s class


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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