Radio Fifth Grade Review

rfg_novelRadio Fifth Grade is about three kids who run a radio show.  When their teacher Ms.Gucci wins $8,300,000.00 in the state lottery they get a new teacher Ms. Panagopoulos.  She starts a seminar with a lot of homework.  The star of the radio show is Benjy Driver who decides to ask the questions that were for homework on the radio show.  They can’t let their teacher know.  Can Benjy, Ellen-Louise and Mark keep their new teacher from finding out?

The radio show has a mascot.  The mascot is a bird and his name is Winston Churchill.

At the start of the story, Winston will not talk.  Mark and Ellen-Louise get Winston to talk by putting crackers through the cage and saying “Polly want a cracker’’.

Mark is supposed to help Winston speak more English.  Mark takes him into a room and turns on an  English CD for Winston.  Mark got some headphones and put them on Winston’s head.

The next radio show, Winston started to speak  French.  Mark accidentally turned on a French CD.

At the end of the story, someone buys Winston.  If you want to find out, read the story by Gordan Korman.

By Ella


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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