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Kidnapped by Xandryn

I was starring out the window looking at the rain form into small puddles. Worried that the town would flood. Hi I’m Mellisa, I’m 13 and I love to play sports. My little brother Josh and I love to adventure … Continue reading

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Homework by Tyanna

Dear diary, today at school was hard. My teacher kept bugging me about my homework. I tried everything in the book; like my dog ate my homework and I never had time. I did not do my homework because the … Continue reading

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The Fire by Emily

Part 1      Flames roared up the walls, setting the curtains to fire. The smoke was so thick Hailey could barely breathe. Red and orange reflected from her eyes as she was in search for her family. The fire’s intensity … Continue reading

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Subjects and topics that are important to us.

Here is what we’re interested in learning: – music (musicians, singing, instruments) – dancing – art (drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting, artists, portrait drawing, easel, cultural art) – different languages – language arts – math (multiplication, division, angles, shapes, fractions, addition, … Continue reading

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What makes a successful student?

Here’s what our class thinks makes a successful student: – polite manners – generosity – tries their best all the time – someone who studies – don’t give up – smart student – someone who isn’t agrumentative – has fun … Continue reading

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The Big Day by Alan

Gordon, Paulo and I had to go to school. We loved to give Mrs. Hoagsbrith a hard time but sometimes we go to the principal Mr. Evans. After school Gordon, Paulo and I were walking home together and we were … Continue reading

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A Pair of Glasses!

Here’s Emily’s glasses looking us right in the eyes. It’s a staring contest!

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