The Big Day by Alan

student_97Gordon, Paulo and I had to go to school. We loved to give Mrs. Hoagsbrith a hard time but sometimes we go to the principal Mr. Evans.

After school Gordon, Paulo and I were walking home together and we were talking about fun day. Paulo said “I hope we are in a group together”.

“Guys I have a good idea” said Gordon. “Tonight we should go to the school after the staff are done and put water in the bean bags and when they throw it and someone catches it water gets on them” said Gordon.

Paulo and I liked the idea so we went at 8:00 p.m. and put water in them.

The next morning we went to school. When we got there, Mr. Evans was making sure that nothing was stolen or broken.

In the afternoon Gordon was beside the bean bag game and saw someone had caught the bean bag and got water on them. Gordon was laughing so hard.

After school the principal wanted to talk to Gordon.

bean_bagMr. Evans asked Gordon “Did you put water in the bean bags?”

“No” said Gordon “why would I do that Mr. Evans?”

“Well, because you were the only one laughing” said Mr. Evans. “Well, you have a good afternoon Gordon” said Mr. Evans.
At 6:30 p.m. Mr. Evans knocked on the door and asked to speak to Gordon’s mother. They were talking about the bean bags and the water that was in them. And Gordon got called. And then it happened. Mr. Evans was so mad because Gordon, Paulo and I were there. So he got even more mad and then Mr. Evans asked if Paulo and I were there but Gordon said, “No we were not at the school last night” said Gordon.

“Well, why did you go out last night then?” asked his mother.

“Because we went to the store” said Gordon.

“Well, why did you not bring any groceries home then?” asked his mother.

“Because we bought a pop” said Gordon.

“Ok.” said Mr. Evans.

Gordon told Paulo and I to not tell Mr. Evans about the bean bags. When Mr. Evans asked Paulo and I about the bean bags Paulo said “no” but I forgot to say no and I said “yes”.

Then Mr. Evans ran to Gordon and said “Go home!”

Gordon said “Why”?

Mr. Evans said “because you will not stop lying to me”.

Gordon’s mother asked “Why was he home so early”?

Gordon said “because I lied about the bean bags”.

At 1:00 p.m. Gordon was writing a letter to Mr. Evans about lying.

The next morning Gordon gave the letter to Mr. Evans and really liked it and said “you are allowed at the fun day. Gordon I just don’t like when you lie, so if you stop lying, the school will have no problems”.

“OK” said Gordon and didn’t lie for a year and then the lying went on again.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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