Homework by Tyanna

youDear diary, today at school was hard. My teacher kept bugging me about my homework. I tried everything in the book; like my dog ate my homework and I never had time. I did not do my homework because the Star Wars Marathon was going on. I was waiting for two weeks for the marathon. My teacher Mr. Green gave me one more day to finish my homework. But when class was over some kids were making fun of my best friend Riley’s hat. The hat was pink and has six stars on it. When I tried to help Riley, Mr. Green saw people being rude to Riley and I felt bad so I invited her over to watch the marathon with me.

Riley and I watched the marathon all night long. In the morning Riley and I took the bus to school and Riley kept talking about the marathon and I just remembered I did not do my homework. I told Riley that I did not do my homework and I said “what should I do Riley?” She said “I do not know”. Riley and I started to think then Riley got an idea, “what about if I distract Mr. Green while you finish your homework?” “That is a good idea Riley”. In class Riley was distracting Mr. Green when I was doing my homework. I needed to do two more questions, but Mr. Green saw that I did not finish my homework.

Mr. Green said “I am not in trouble but he said next time I get homework I should finish it on time.”

Riley said “So after school can we have a sleepover?”

I said “Yes you can come over.

“YES!” Riley said,

“But no more Star Wars”.

“What do you want?”

“I want to watch Hannah Montana”.

“Ok” I said. It was time to go to class.

Riley said, “Meet you in class but I hope I have no homework.”


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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