Kidnapped by Xandryn

witchI was starring out the window looking at the rain form into small puddles. Worried that the town would flood.

Hi I’m Mellisa, I’m 13 and I love to play sports. My little brother Josh and I love to adventure in the forest. We live in California but it is raining, it’s horrible.

Lightning looked like cracks in the sky. Thunder boomed like a bomb. Josh I scared because he’s only 5 and I’m baby-sitting because my parents are out. I am kind of worried they said they would be home an hour ago.

Josh was hiding under his blankets because he was scared and worried about mom and dad.

I said  “Josh it’s OK mom and dad will be here soo”

I was just about to finish my word when the doorbell rang. Mom and dad never rang the doorbell because they have a key.

In our pajamas Josh and I ran down the stairs there on the door step was a small old lady in a cloak.

“Here try this apple” she said so I did. I fell to the ground I had fainted. The women grabbed Josh and disappeared.

When I woke I realized Josh had been kidnapped. “Noooooo, Josh” I cried. I was said to see my little brother go. I ran inside and called 9-1-1. No one answered. That was weird. Then I called my mom but no one answered. I called my dad.

Yes! Someone finally answered my call. I looked out the window. And there starring at me through the window was the same old lady who took my little brother. Over the phone I could slightly hear “Hello, Helloo” I was just about to say something but he had all ready hung up.

I looked back at the window but she wasn’t there. I am really scared of her.

I called my dad again, he answered “Hi dad you need to come home quick”I said “OK” and he hung up.

I packed all the items we might need for survival while we are looking for my brother. I packed bug spray, camouflage clothes, food and water bottles. I was all ready to search for Josh.

My dad finally got home he was wearing dress pants and a tie. I told him “No you are not wearing that, wear this”. I handed him a camouflage shirt, jacket, pants, and boots. We headed out of the house to look for Josh.

It was dark and the rain, thunder, and lightning was still in action. We were getting absolutely drenched in the rain and we were freezing.

“Dad where is mom?” I asked. “I don’t know” he said. “She was going to the bathroom but she never returned” he said. The witch must of took her too I thought to myself.

We were walking in the forest when we spotted an old house with glowing green windows. Before we walked in we made the most brilliant plan ever in our opinion.

My dad had a bag in his hands. We both went up to the door and rang the doorbell. We pressed up against the wall beside the door. The witch opened the door and my dad threw the bag on her and we ran inside the old house.

And there sitting on chairs tied up, was my mom and Josh. I was so happy to see them. My dad and I ran to go untie them. I untied Josh. My dad untied my mom.

We called the police to come pick up the witch. And we never ever saw the witch again.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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