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Pumpkin Carving Permission Form

On Friday, October 31st, students will be doing pumpkin carving in the gym. If you need a permission form, download it here: pumpkin carving consent 2014 (PDF). Advertisements

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Grade 7 Fundraising – Letter for Parents

Welcome to the beginning of our fundraising! Our first fundraiser is set to coincide with our school’s Halloween dance on Thursday October 30th. Grade Seven students are asked to bring in one dozen baked goods (individually wrapped if possible) next … Continue reading

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Skyler Rocks at School!

Evan is my friend. We always hang out. We’ve had a lot of experiences. We’ve been chased by wolves at his house; it was really scary. Cole and I are friends. I’ve known Cole since we were baby’s; he was … Continue reading

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What I Like Most About School! – Ethan B.

My favourite subjects are math, P.E., and art. I like math because if you know how to do it it can be fun. I like P.E. because you get exercise and you play sports. Art is fun because if you … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – Ryland – Grade 5

For Thanksgiving I went to Courtenay. I got to see my friend Aadin. I got to see my grandma which was awesome. On my Thanksgiving I had ham and potatoes with cheese. We also had pumpkin pie for dessert. For … Continue reading

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Hot Dog Day – October 23rd

On Thursday, October 23rd it is Hot Dog Day. The cost for each item is as follows: a) hot dog – $2.00 b) chocolate milk – $1.00 c) juice – $1.00 Students have to make sure the money to pay … Continue reading

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Foods that are Amazing by Sydney – Grade 5

Some of the fruits I love are pineapple, apples, grapes, blueberries, kiwis and last but not least strawberries. Strawberries are my favourite fruit by far. Strawberries smell so heavenly. I like the texture of strawberries because it’s chewy and squishy … Continue reading

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