New Sunset Page

There’s now a new page on this website called Learning Videos where teachers can put videos for their students to watch. Right now there’s a YouTube video on Habitat for the grade 4s. This follows the flipped classroom learning plan. The flipped classroom is simply an ideology that allows teachers to utilize a lot of educational technologies to help push student achievement.

91One reason that students don’t complete homework is they don’t understand the homework. In a flipped classroom, if the student doesn’t understand the homework they can simply watch it a second time. The flip classroom also allows for more one on one time with the teacher. So if a student is struggling with the concept and they come to class, instead of being one of 25 students listening to a presentation. They’re immediately involved in group work, where they can get peer to peer assistance, or they can seek out help from the teacher one on one or in a small group. It will also help increase differentiated learning.


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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