The Test of Frustration

student_916Our class just took the FSA tests. FSA stands for Foundational Skills Assessment. But the one we did was just a practice to get feel for what is coming up. There are two different types, Literacy and numeracy. In my opinion I think the literacy was easier. We did the literacy on the 19th of January 2016. In the literacy version you have a story to read and after you answer the questions. My story was about Ginzalo the gnome and cheese. It was an interesting story. I got 15 out of 20. Then on the 20th of January 2016 we did numeracy. In the numeracy version you have to add, subtract, times estimate and all that frustrating things. I did my best and got 14 out of 20. After when you are done you can read.

By Kylie


About Sunset Elementary School

Mr. Mollinga is the Grade 4/5 teacher at Sunset School.
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