Students’ Work

My Amazing School by Saidah – Grade 4

student_4I love school. I hope other people love it too. I would like to tell you about the nice staff and teachers and also some of my good friends. I have a lot of friends at school. My favorite friends are Rayah, Brooklyn,and Sydney. They are my friends because they are always there for me and they always stand up for me. They always hang out with me.

At school I love to go to music fun because at music time you get to sing and I love singing. I also love music because sometimes we get to play instruments. I love French too because you get to learn a new language and it is really fun.

My favorite teacher was Mrs.Bono she was the best. She would give us gummy bears. The second best teacher I had was Mrs. Moncton. She was so fun. At gym time we would play turtle tag and freeze tag.

The Field Goal by William – Grade 4

WilliamOnce there was a boy named Jack. Jack liked football. He was the kicker for his school football team. He had a game coming up against the Grizzlies. His team name was called the Young Guns.

When Jack got on the bus, he was nervous. It was his first game of the year. When he got on the field his legs were very tired and sore. His team lined up for the start of the game.

After the first quarter the Grizzlies were up by nine! The Young Guns’ coach was angry at them. After the third quarter the Grizzlies were only up by two. John, another player, took the ball up the field and got sixteen yards. There was six seconds left. Jack went onto the field. He kicked the field goal and the Young Guns won the game!

My Halloween by Marissa – Grade 4

Marissa Loves SchoolAt Halloween I am trick or treating with Rayah and Maren. My mom and dad are coming with us. We are going to try to get a lot of candy.

For Halloween I am being a jaguar. Rayah is being a dead doll. Maren is being a jaguar too.

For Halloween I am going around town and I am carving giant pumpkins. I am excited.

Ethan’s Fantastic School by Ethan – Grade 5

student_5My favorite subject is P.E. There are so many activities to choose from, I don’t know where to start!  Dodge ball is my favorite activity.  I think I am pretty fast. The goal I aim for is to be the last person on my team and go all-skills dodging the pink balls.

Another game I like to play is the Fox Tail game. My favorite side to be on is the side with the pinny tails. You have to grab the pinny tails from the other players or you will be “OUT”!

I have had several teachers during my school years and Mr. Mollinga is the best! You have to admit that we have a lot of fun in our classroom!

My Hobbies by Ryland – Grade 5

student_98My most favorite hobby is RC cars. I have a short course racing truck. I also had a monster truck. RC stands for Radio Controlled.

My second favorite is dirt biking. I have had 3 dirt bikes in my whole life. Right now I have a KX65. It has 6 gears and is really fast.

My third favorite hobby is sailing. I love going down to Comox to sail Catamarans in the summer. It’s really hard to sail but it is really fun when you fly a hull.

My Best Halloween Yet by Ryland – Grade 5

ryland_halloweenFor Halloween my costume was a blue man. My Halloween costume was a full piece body suit with black underwear with a wig. I got the idea for my costume at Value Village.

On Halloween my trick or treat partner was Kai. Kai is my best friend. And we trick or treated for two hours without any adults. We had a really great time.

I got so much candy. I love candy so much I could die. I got so many varieties of candy like Tootsie rolls, Jolleyranchers and Nerds. I can’t wait till next year.

My Halloween by Blayke – Grade 4

Blayke in Grade 4

Blayke in Grade 4

When I got home I was excited to get my costume on. I was going as the Transformer Bumblebee. Bumblebee has big muscles and is bright yellow with a helmet and gloves.

Next year I want to be a gangster. In the past I have been a caterpillar a beaver, Batman and Spiderman. One day I would like to be a lynx.

I went trick or treating on Woodland Drive. This is why we always go there. We always go there because that is where my great granny and great grandpa lives.

The Best School Ever by Gabby – Grade 4

student_914My best friends are Brynn and Aaliyah they are my best friends because they are nice, they are funny and their cool their fun. My teacher is Mr. Mollinga and he is amazing. My subject is school I like it because everyone is nice hear. My subject P.E. and math. Last year my teacher was Mrs. Anderson she is amazing.

Freaky Halloween by Evan – Grade 5

studMy costume is an eagle and so is Ethan B. and we used feathers for the tail and for the head we have a mask. We have yellow leggings. We also have soccer shorts.

On Friday we went to the fireworks and the loudest one was very small. The smallest was a huge fire work and it went boom! There was probably was over 50 fireworks.

The two people I went with were Ethan and Tyce and I went down woodland and then I went do went down the stairs to my Grandmas house and my uncle Al. Halloween is the best but my birthday is the very next day.

School This Year  by Jordan – Grade 4

student_919My favourite activities in school are the swings, scooter and P.E. The swings are my favourite because when I swing high I feel happy. Tomorrow I am bringing my new scooter to school. My favourite activity in P.E. is California Kickball.

My friends are Luke Bradley and Max. Luke is my best friend because he comes over a lot on the weekends. Max is my second best friend because I only went over 2 or 3 times. Bradley is my third best friend because I only went over once.

Mr.Mollinga is my second best teacher besides Mrs.Bono. My favourite subjects in his class is math. The second is art. P.E. is my favourite because I like baseball and California Kickball is very similar.

Amazing Halloween by Saidah – Grade 4

student_4My Halloween was so fun I had the best time EVER! I went trick-or-treating with Rayah and Brooklyn. I was going to go in the haunted house I chickened out. When I just turned the corner I said good-bye and left.

This year for Halloween I was a vampire last year I was a minion the year before I was a diva devil. One year when I was 3 I was a unicorn.

I got a little bit of candy this year. Most of it was original flavored chips.

Scary Halloween by Summer – Grade 5

student_8On Halloween night people and kids go trick or treating in groups. Kids collect candy and have fun and some people set off fireworks and have a party. People hand out chips and candy to people who walk by their house or drive by their house. Some people take pictures of other people in their costumes. Lots of people go trick or treating I hope you do too.

Over the years I have been a princess, cowgirl, horse and a witch. This year I was a hula dancer I put make up on and had a blue hula skirt. My sister was a bee she had black and yellow make up. She even had a stinger so cute. My dad was a faller but he is a faller and a worker.

The people who go with me are my sister, dad and me. I have gone with my dad a lot since I was little. This year I came home and went to look at my candy. Then Jordon my brother came so we played the amazing lady birth. It is where you get five cards and you push the maze around and find were you need to go.

Spectacular School by Manning – Grade 5

student_917My favourite subject is P.E. and math. I like P.E. because its exercise. And we do lots of fun games. Math is fun to because you get to do lots of fun things with numbers.

Skyler is a good friend because we met in Woss at a baseball park. We both think it’s a really good place to live. Ethan B. is a good friend because our dads grew up together.

Ms. Browne is a really good teacher because she’s my aunty and she never yells she’s really nice too. Ms. Monckton is really nice too. She doesn’t yell at all. She does a lot of science and I love science.

A Love for School! by Shania – Grade 5

student_913My friends are Naomi, Margureit, Kaleah and Saidah. They are nice to me they are not mean like most people. I like when I go over to Kaleah’s house and when I used to live in Alert Bay I used to visit Margureit and Naomi all the time.

The subjects in school are math, science, language arts, library, music, PE, DPA and journal. My most favourite subject is PE because you get to exercise. I love exercising my favourite game is fox tail game and beanbag game.

My teachers were Mrs. Baruden, Mrs. Alfred, Mrs. Gaudet, Mrs. Warner, Mr.Ogren, Ms. Nesbitt and now my teacher is Mr. Mollinga. I like my teacher this year he gives the whole class smart bucks but if you’re talking or not paying attention he will take smartbucks.

Skyler’s Awesome Halloween

SkylerI might go trick or treating with Mannie and his sister. We’re going to start on Mannie’s street and get some candy there. Then get driven to Woodland. After we’re done I’m going to find my mom and dad and hit the house’s again and after that we’re going to go to other streets.

This year I’m being a boxer. Last year I was a figure skater. With Ethan and Evan. We had wigs and lots of girl stuff. Next year I have no clue what I’m being. Mannie is a ninja.

After trick or treating I’m going to the fireworks. I’m going to sit in the back of the truck and eat candy while the fireworks are happing. I did that last year it was really fun.

Halloween by Ethan B. – Grade 5

For Halloween the past years I have been the green men with Clayton, a figure skater and a mummy. This year I am being an eagle with Evan.

On Halloween, I like carving pumpkins, trick or treating and watching the fireworks. My favourite is carving pumpkins because I get the seeds and I can make any face I want.

For Halloween, I am going with Evan, Skyler and maybe Joey, Connor, my dad and Evan’s dad. We usually go down Woodland and then go to the haunted house.

Hobbies by William – Grade 4

WilliamMy favourite sports are baseball and hockey. I like these sports because they help me stay active and be healthy. I also like football and soccer. I wish we had a football team in Port McNeill. I think I’m good at soccer but it is not my favourite sport.

In all these sports there are two teams. I got hurt in all of these sports but I only got stitches in hockey. I don’t know why hockey is still my favourite sport.

My brothers play football with me a lot even though there isn’t a league here. I want to be a quarterback or a receiver.

Hockey is a fun sport. I think I’m dedicated. My team is better than last year. I have a good life.

My Halloween by Jordan – Grade 4

student_919This Halloween my costume is a spy! Last year I was Jack Sparrow. And before that I was Batman. Also before that I was Darth Vader.

I’m going out trick or treating with Luke on Halloween. I hope Luke get lots of candy. After Halloween, he did.

I don’t know what bag I’m going to use yet. Maybe it will have a pumpkin on it! This year I think I will go to the Haunted House!

After Halloween, I got a pillow case full of candy and the haunted house was a fun house.

My School is Really Cool! by Evan – Grade 5

studMy friends are Skyler Ethan. Both of them mean a lot to me. One is my friend and one is my cousin. William and Mannie are both my best friend.

My teachers I’ve had are Miss Nesbit, Mrs. Bono and Mr. Ogren. They have all been good teachers. They will always give me work.

My subjects I like are math, French and science. I think math is the best out of the three. French is an awesome subject.

School by Brett – Grade 5

student_93My friends are Alex Ethan P. and Mannie. Alex was my best friend since I was 1 years old. Ethan P. isn’t really a friend, he is my step cousin. Mannie is my best friend, he helps me when I need it.

My favourite subjects are Science, Art and Math. Art is colourful awesome and messy. Right now we are doing paper Mache with paper plates. Mache is a messy jobs. Math is equations and there’s addition and subtraction. Addition is adding numbers. Subtraction is taking away numbers. Science is my favourite subject. Science is making a toy and seeing if it works.

My favourite teachers are Mr. Mollinga, Mr. Ogren and Mrs. Bono. Mr. Mollinga is awesome because he lets us do lots of math. I like Mr. Ogren because he let us watch the Sochi Winter Olympics. I liked Mrs. Bono because she let us read a lot.

School Rocks by Summer – Grade 5

student_8My favorite subject is Art the Art teacher is Aaliyah’s mom. In Art we are paper Mache plates the plates are square and white. My second is P.E. I like P.E. because we play fun games and get active. In math I like adding and counting stuff. I love French because I have always wanted to learn a new language. I love spelling and writing because I love to learn a new word every day and learn how to write handwriting.

My friends are Sydney, Adel and Niki. They are my friends because we are all grade fives we all like to do track and field as friends and running club . I also like my class friends because there in the same room as me all day. I have Shayla as a friend because she is my sisters friend and there in grade two .Mya is my friend because we both ride a horse so we have a lot in common.

My teachers are Mrs. Wadhams in kindergarten Mrs. Janvua in first grade and second grade. Mrs. Nesbitt in grade three. Mr. Ogren in grade four and Mr. Mollinga in grade five he is my teacher right now he is an awesome teacher. I love teacher they help you learn.

School by Blayke – Grade 4

 Blayke in Grade 4My friends are Ethan and Summer. They are important to me because they are my best friends we play together every day.

These are the teachers I have had through the years since I’ve been at Sunset. My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Bono. My grade one teacher was Mrs. Nordin. My grade two teacher was Mrs. Monckton and my substitute teacher was Mr. Hoody.

My favorite subjects are math and music. I like music because we get to use instruments. These are the instruments we use: we use drums, ukulele and cow bells. I like math so much because it’s easy.

Halloween by William – Grade 4

William on Halloween Day.My favourite treats are chocolate and pop. I like pop because it fizzes in my mouth. My favourite chocolate is Caramilk.

This year I’m a mad scientist. In the past I was a minion, Phineas and as far back as I can think, I was Jack-Jack from the Incredibles. I want to be Elvis Presley next year.

I don’t know who I’m going with but it will be fun. When we’re done trick or treating we will go to the firework show at 7:30. After the fireworks, Tynan will sleep over at our house.

Halloween is Once a Year by Sydney – Grade 5

sydneyOver the past few years I was a kitty, pirate and a witch. My favourite so far was the kitty. The kitty had whiskers, ears and a black body suit. It was fun. That year was the year that I went trick or treating with Skyler.

Friend that I want to go trick-or-treating with were Adel and Summer. I was hoping that we could go in the haunted house and also get lots of candy. It would be lots cool if we could all have a sleepover that night.

On Halloween night, I’m going in the haunted house and watch fireworks. Before that we are going to get lots of candy. Halloween is one of my favourite events.

My School Year by Adel – Grade 4

Adel in Grade 4Through the school years I had Mrs. Bono 2 times Mrs. Monckton and Mr. Ogren for teachers and right now I have Mr. Mollinga. All those years where really fun. I especially liked Mrs. Bono because that year was very easy. I wish I could go back.

I have a lot of friends and I mostly play with Marissa and Sydney. They tell me funny jokes. Sydney lives right beside me which is great because we get to play every day. Marissa lives far away from me, but we play at school.

My favourite subject is P.E. because my mom is a good athlete and so am I. My favourite game to play in P.E. is dodge ball. I love art because I like to get messy especially when we work with paper machete. Math is challenging, but it is fun to solve the equations.

Sunset Elementary is an excellent school with a lot of kids and very nice teachers and staff.

French is the Best! by Ethan P. – Grade 4

EthanThe subject I like most is French because you get to learn a new language. French is a great language. We all write down the days of the week numbers and greetings.

My favourite teacher is… actually I can’t pick which one is my favourite. They’re all so fun, cool and nice, but if I were to pick the coolest teacher it would definitely be Mr. Mollinga .

My best friend is Owen. He is very fun. But sometimes he’s pretty crazy. He’s also kind of shy most of the time.

Why I Like My School by Liam – Grade 5



My friends are Liam, Kai and Ryland, they’re my best friends. They’re fun to play with.

I love my teachers. They’re nice but strict, which is good. PE is fun because we get to play fun games that make you exercise. D.E.A.R. is fun because ever since I learned how to read, it’s been very fun. School is great because you learn. Mr. Mollinga is nice to all of us but is very good at being a teacher. He gives us good homework. Mrs. Janveau was well, I don’t know that much about her.


My Crazy School by Raen – Grade 5

Raen at SunsetMy friends are Korrina, Lexi, and Teresa. They’re my best friends because we’re always having fun together. They’ve played pranks on me that make me laugh. We always have an amazing time.

Mr.Mollinga is my class teacher. He makes spelling fun by making word searches. Mrs.Scott helps Mr.Mollinga by signing planners, handing out math and other subjects. She also watches Aaliyah.

The subjects we do in class are art, music and spelling. We also have French, math and journal. Sometimes we have social studies, language arts and home reading. My favourite subjects are art and journal. I hope your school is lots of fun too, and you have lots of amazing friends.

School is Fun! by William – Grade 4

William Loves School!My best friends are Tristan and Owen. We all have a lot in common, like we all like hockey and soccer. They are very nice and fun.

My favourite subjects are art, math and science. I also like Physical Education. I like them because when I start I can’t stop. Right now I am ahead in math.

My teachers are always fun. I like them because they do my favourite subjects. I have never had a teacher that I didn’t like.

School is Awesome by Marissa – Grade 4

Marissa Loves SchoolAt school I have a lot of friends. Rayah and Garrett have always been there for me. They make me laugh when I am sad. I knew Garrett when I was a baby. I knew Rayah when I was two.

I have had four teachers. Mrs. Bono was my kindergarten teacher and my grade one teacher. Ms. Janveau was my grade two teacher. Mrs. Monckton was my grade three teacher. My grade four teacher is Mr. Mollinga.

We do a lot of work. My favourite subject is math. We do a lot more like French and Art. Art is really fun.


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