Students’ Work


student_93I have a pet dog her name is Katie. She is silly and smart. Katie is about six months old. She is a miniature Schnauzer. My whole family takes care of her. I think she likes me the most because she always sleeps on my bed.

A pet I don’t want to get is a rat or mouse. I would not like a rat or mouse because it could escape from its cage.

I won’t to get a pet Yorkie. A Yorkie is a type of dog. It looks like my dog except they are small and bark a lot. They are light brown.

My Cat

student_911I have a pet cat named Bob.  He is the cutest cat ever and I like him because all he does is sleep. I take care of him and I make sure he is getting food and everything like that.

Bob probably likes me the best because I am the one who takes care of him and I am the one who gives him treats.

A pet I would love is a guinea pig named Pig. But of course I would take care of it. A pet I never want is a snake I would definitely not want a snake at all because they have fangs and slither around.

Awesome Books!

my picture laylaOne of my favourite books is funny. It’s by James Patterson. It’s a funny book. I like it because it’s a long and interesting book. It’s like 315 pages! The characters names are Uncle Frankie, Jamie, Gilda, Gaynor, Pierce and Ol, Smiler the dog. The other books of that series are I even funnier and I totally funniest.

My second favourite book is Help Someone get me out of fourth grade! It’s by Hank Zipzer. It’s a interesting book. It was about Hank trying to get his parents to go to a concert so he could go on to fifth grade. If you’re wondering why he’s trying to stop his parent teacher conference, this is because he was going to be in fourth grade again. He got all Ds!

The third book is a book I dislike a lot. It is called superman. I dislike it because it kind of bores me. It’s just a guy wearing a cape wrecking buildings. Oh, and he flies too. The weird part is when he gets in a fight the bad guy never bleeds or has a bruise. whenever super heroes are in their costumes their underwear is on top.

Tasty Foods –  Olivia

Olivia_photoOne food I really like is tomato soup. I like tomato soup because it’s good for you and I like everything in it. Also I like tomatoes and tomatoes are the main ingredient.

Another food I like is cauliflower. I like it because I it’s like a treat to me because I don’t get it a lot. I also like it because it is healthy for me.

The food I don’t like is pickles. I don’t like them because their slimy feel and the watery taste. They are just not my favorite food in the world.

Yummy Foods! – Layla

my picture laylaOne of my favorite foods is mashed potatoes and gravy. My mom puts some butter in while it’s cooking. There nice and soft. Mom makes them well. She makes some good gravy too. I liked them most when there warm. My dad always makes a well in the potatoes so the gravy would go in the middle. Whenever we have mashed potatoes my mom puts vegetables like corn. But only in hers.

Squash is a food I do not like. The taste isn’t that good neither is the texture. My mom and dad like it a lot though. The colour is kind of weird too. My mom thought if she put syrup on it, it would be better but it wasn’t. But whenever we have it we have to eat it.

I like to eat chocolate mint ice cream. So does my brother and my sister. But the one that loves it the most is my dad. The ice cream store in Cowichan Bay is my favorite ice cream store because they put jellybeans at the bottom.

Foods I Like and Don’t Like – Kira

kira slothOne of the foods that I really like is pickles. I like pickles because they are so juicy and tangy. My favourite kind of pickles are called Valasic pickles. I love this kind of pickles because they are so big and extra juicy. Every year since I was just five years old my grandpa got me a jar of Valasic pickles for my birthday. Sometimes I even make pickles because they are so easy to make. All you need to have to make them is vinegar, dill, water, garlic, and of course cucumbers.

Another food that I really like is mangos. I like mangos because they are sweet and juicy. Mangos are also quite healthy for you. When I was in The Dominican Republic they actually had mango trees there and that was really cool. Mangos come in so many different colours such as, orange, yellow, red, and green.

A food that I really don’t like is cheesecake. I don’t like it because it tastes really bad and I think having cream cheese in your cake is just really gross. I don’t know how cheesecake is lots of people’s favourite dessert because it even sounds gross.

My Absolute Favourite Foods – Tyce

student_4My favourite food is steak because it is healthy and doesn’t cost too much money. I have steak every Friday since December 25th which is Christmas. I am excited when I have steak because it is my favourite food and I only have it once a week.

The food that I absolutely dislike is rice because I always choke on it because my mouth does not catch the little bit of rice the my throat starts to hurt bad

My second favourite food is jicama because of how healthy it is and forty five percent is water. It is one of the healthiest foods on earth. That is why I like jicama because of how healthy it is.

Awesome – Tabitha

Tabitha Photo
My favourite food is tomatoes because they are juicy and sweet. I wouldn’t know about tomatoes if Mommy didn’t buy them from the store. My Mommy has a tomato garden just for me! We keep it in the back yard so nobody steals our tomatoes. I like them because red is my favourite colour and they are delicious. I use them in my salads and Mommy makes tomato
sauce with them.
My favourite dessert food is ice cream sundaes because my Mommy lets me pick my own ice cream, I usually pick chocolate and Tiger Tiger because Tiger Tiger is orange and black, and the chocolate is chocolaty. I like snowflake sprinkles on my sundaes.
I dislike Baby Belle’s! They make me feel sick. I think it is the cheese because I am
allergic to cheese. I don’t even like the red type and I have a whole bunch of questions, like why do you make them?

Foods – Georgia

Georgia pic          One of my favourite foods is mashed potatoes. I like mashed potatoes because they’re soft and warm. When my mom makes mashed potatoes she puts butter on then, I love it when my mom puts butter on my mashed potatoes.

My second favourite food is chocolate ice cream. I like chocolate ice cream because it’s cold and I think it tastes awesome! l love it when my mom buys chocolate ice cream because I get to have it almost every night.

Zucchini is one of my least favourite foods because I don’t like the texture and it feels weird in my mouth. when mom cooks zucchini for dinner I don’t eat it or I pretend that I’m full.

Good and Bad Foods – Laci

LaciThe first food I like is watermelon. I like watermelon because it is healthy for you and it is very juicy. You can also have it on a hot sunny day. I also like how it tastes the best in the summer. You can get it now but it tastes the best in the summer.

Another food I like is sushi. I like sushi because there are so many different types of it. My favourite sushi rolls are California rolls. I like dipping it in Soy sauce and using chop sticks.

One food that I don’t like is peppermint candy canes. The reason why I don’t like peppermint candy canes is because I don’t like anything that is minty. They are also not healthy for you and get stuck in your teeth. Luckily, candy canes only come out at Christmas time.

Fooooods! – Taylor

taylorA food that I really like is pickles. The reason I like pickles is because they are salty and really juicy. I like to get the pickles that are in the biggest jars. The sad part is that they  do not sell valasic  pickles any more.

Another food i like is ribs. It is sad because I am vegetarian so I can not  eat  them any more . My dad always made the best ribs. Before I was vegetarian for my birthday dinner was always corn and ribs. My favourite part is how much BBQ sauce there is on it.

One food i dislike is creamy corn. The only part i do not like is the sauce that is all over it. creamy corn is ok however i would not at in every day.

2nd Term’s Writings

Hyde Creek is Awesome – Taylor

taylorOne thing I like about Hyde Creek is that you have lots of yard space to play in. One of my favorite spots is my house .I my like my house because we have a trampoline to play on with my sisters. Another reason I like my house is because we have 3 and a half ackers to play in.

The second place I like in Hyde Creek is Kira’s house. The   reason I like Kira’s house is because she has a cat and dog we can play with. I also like her house because she lives right up the road from the park. She also can walk right up to the store and get a treat then go to the park.

The improvement for Hyde Creek is the park. The reason the park needs improvement because there are only three things to play on that is why the park needs improvement.

The Exciting Place I Live – Tyce

student_4The one thing I like about Port McNeill is how small the town is. Why? In a big town it is harder to find your way home and there may be more bad people but not in a small town. Another reason is it can be more crazy and intense.

The next reason is how big the school is and how many people are in the school. Why? If there were a lot of people in the school there may be more fights, more angry people and more dangerous too.

I think there should be an improvement and the improvement is how many hotels are in Port McNeill. Why? When people come down to Port McNeill they can stay at a hotel and at the hotel they can swim, eat or have a lot of fun but if there was no hotels people couldn’t stay anywhere at all.

My Humble Home – Sophia

my photoPort McNeill is a beautiful place. I like all of the trees and the school. My favourite place to be is the beach a bit below Beach Drive. The water is just so calm. Last year I learned how to make bracelets out of cedar and shells. I taught Maria how to make them too.

The second reason why I like Port McNeill is because it’s a close community and I get to see my friends every day like at the grocery store, school and the library. My friends are Jessica, Olivia, Morgan and Jaidyn they love Port Mc Neill as much as I do.

I think our town needs to work on the park by the church because it’s not safe for kids. I think this because there is only one way in and out. And a bear might go in and it will be block.

Where I Live – Kira

kira slothI live in Hyde Creek. One of my favourite spots is Taylor’s house. Her house is one of my favourite spots because she is my best friend. She has a net on her trampoline, and I don’t. She has a yorkie named harry, and she lives just down the hill from my house. Another one of the reasons that I like Taylors house is that she has a bigger house than I do so we have a little bit more room to run around because we get hyper than we run around .

Another one of the spots that I like is the pond. I like the pond because in the winter time we can go ice skating on it. Sometimes in the summer time we can go swimming in it. When I’m bored I will ride my bike to the pond and play with the tadpoles. I have this water telescope that you put in the water and you can see things in the water so I sometimes do that too.

One of the spots that I think needs to be improved is the park. I think the park needs to be improved because there is barely anything that you can play on and everything looks like it is about to break. One of the things that I don’t like is that there is always glass on the pavement.

 Pets Want to Have – Laci

LaciThe first pet I would like to have is a baby sloth. I would like to have a baby sloth because sloths are one of my favourite animals and I think baby sloths are cute. I would have a cage for it and in the cage will be a brunch for it to hang on. Also, I would have food and water for it.

The next animal I would like to have is a bunny. I would like to have a bunny because I think a bunny would be fun to have because I could feed it carrots and other foods. I also want a bunny because I can try to teach it trick

The third animal I would like as a pet is a monkey. I would want a monkey because I think monkeys are cute animals and I could hold it in my arms. I also want a monkey because I could teach it interesting tricks.

Soft Pets I’d Like to Have – Kassidy

KassidyI’d like to have is a Koala bear. I’d like to have a Koala bear because they are supper cute and cuddly. They’re also nice and if you need someone to talk to you could to she or he about your day it could be a good day or a not so good day. They’re also really soft to pet just like cats and dogs. Also it would be fun to play games and run around the house with it you could really do anything with it that’s why I want a koala bear.

Another  animal I’d like to have is a baby bulldog I want a baby bulldog because  they are soft, cute and cuddly and you could get good exercise when you take it for a walk also with a baby bulldog you can play a lot of games with it you can do anything. But the one thing is that big bulldogs scare me and that’s why I want a baby bulldog.

I’d also would like to have is a baby panda bear because they are supper cute and playful they are also funny how they walk they’re cuddly too. You could even piggyback them it would be so much fun that’s why I want one.

Pets I’d Lke to Have – Neeva

NeevaThe first pet I’d like to have is a Yorkie! I would like to have a Yorkie because they sit on your lap. You can pick them up and they will sleep with you. I once saw a Yorkie wearing a sweater its owner made it.

My second pet I’d like to have is a bunny! I’d like to have a bunny because you can hold them and feed them a carrot when you are holding on to one. If I was going to get a bunny I would have to buy a cage for it. I would feed it every day. I would give it fresh water every day and I would sleep with it every night. I would play with all day on weekends and play with when I get home from school on week days I would play it.

There is only one more pet I’d like to have and it is a monkey! I want to have a because they love to play all day.

Pets I’d Like to Have – Olivia

Olivia_photoOne pet I would want to have would be a fox because foxes are rare to find. I would be protected from wild animals when I go hunting with my dad. I’m sure we would get more animals with a fox by our side.

Another animal I would want would be a cobra because they can poison predators when being attacked. Also, I love snakes and it can dance for me. Cobras have huge fake eyes to catch pray.

My last animal I would like would be a mustang because that’s the only horse in the world that pretty much no one has ever tamed. It would also be cool if I was the only one in the world that has ever tamed a mustang.

Pets I’d Like to Have – Sophia

my photoOne of the pets I would have is a koala bear. They are very soft and cute. I’d love to snuggle with one and feel the warmth of it. It would be fun to play games with is like catch and a board game.

Another pet I would like to have is a panda.Their also quite fluffy. I’d like a panda because they are cute and playful. I would like a girl or a boy or maybe even both.

Finally, I would also want a lizard because it would be cool to carry it around the house. It does have sharp nails and hard scales so it won’t be very comfy to snuggle with like a panda or koala.

Pets I’d Like to Have – Tyce

student_4I would like to have a wolf because it would not wreck the furniture like a mole would. It would be calm and it would be like a dog. It would play and be helpful.

My second favorite pet is a cougar because it could be a lot of protection to me. It could maybe give me food and save my life. When we are camping I could play with it.

I would also like to have a squirrel because it could get me peanuts from the wild and it would not cost me anything at all. A squirrel is cute too and small I would not need to take it for a walk all the time.

Some of the Pets I Would Like – Kira

kira slothOne of the pets that I would to have is a horse. I know it is not anything crazy but I have liked horses since I was little. My mom had a horse when she was 12 years old. I am starting to learn more about horses because my Auntie is an equine vet and she has one horse but the horse has a rearing problem so I can’t ride her right now. At our house we have a pretty big yard so the horse can run. I know it will be a lot of work but I think I will be able to handle it even though we would have to build a bigger barn, a stable, and a place for it to run.

Another one of the pets that I would like to heave is a bunny.  I have always wanted a bunny and my Dad actually started to raise bunnies so they can eat them but I told them to build a cage for it. However, he got sidetracked. I want a bunny because I think they are really cute and I have always wanted a bunny to play with it and cuddle with it. My Mom and Dad want to buy  bunnies so they can eat them but I told them, “NO!” My Mom said that because my sister got a cat that I should get a bunny.

I know this will never happen but I want a baby sloth.  I want a baby sloth because they are really cute and cuddly and I could watch it when I am bored. The only thing about them is that they could kind of stink but I don’t really care.  If I had I baby sloth, I would take it out on my lawn and play with it and try to teach it tricks. A sloth is my favourite animal.

Pets I’d Like to Have – Taylor

taylorThe first animal I’d like to have is a baby sloth. The reason I would like to have a pet sloth is because then I would have someone to talk to and cuddle. Another reason I would like to have a pet sloth is because they are soft and can sleep on your arm. That is why I would like a pet sloth.

The second animal I would like to have is a bunny. The reason I would like to have a bunny is so that I can buy lots of carrots then eat them all because I like carrots. I would also like to have a bunny so I can play and cuddle with it.

The last animal I would like to have is a turtle. I would like to have a turtle because they are my most favorite animal in the world and I have always wanted one. The turtle I would want is a painted turtle.

Famous People I Like – Layla

my picture layla

Taylor Swift is a famous person because she is a singer. I have went to one of her concerts. She has blond hair and she has blue eyes. She has made a lot of songs. Taylor Swift was born December.13 1989. She is 28 years old. She has a brother but no sister. These are some of Taylor Swift’s best friends. Jamie king, Hailee Steinfeld, Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, Lily Aldridge, Lorde and Selena Gomez. Her parents are Andrea Swift and Scott Swift.

Albert Einstein is famous for being one of the smartest person in the world. He argued with a lot of teachers because they got the answers wrong. Albert Einstein was born on march.14, 1879. Died april.18, 1955.he was married to Mileva Maric from 1903-1919. Then he was married to Elsa Einstein from 1919-1936.His kids names were Hermann and Pauline Einstein. Albert Einstein’s sisters name was Maja Einstein.

Julie Payette is a famous person. She was governor of Canada. She was born October. 20, 1963. Her parents are Jacqueline, Andre Payette. Her child is Laurier Brissette. Her husband is William Flynn. Her hair colour is dirty blond. Her eyes are brown. She was an astronaut. She was also an engineer. She has lots of meddles. Her sister’s name was Maude Payette. She has curly hair. She is nice to everyone.

Famous People – Morgan

MorganTaylor Swift is one of the famous people I like because she is a really good singer. Some of the music I like is “Look what you made me do”, “Shake it off”, and “Bad blood”. She plays four instruments, which are guitar, banjo, piano, and ukulele. She started her career at the age of fourteen, which is pretty cool.

Penetatonix is a cappella group.  A cappella group is some one that only uses their mouth, no instruments.  They have five people in their group. Some of my favorite songs of theirs are “Little Drummer Boy”, “Mary did you know”, “Santa Clause is coming to town”, and “Silent Night”.

Louis Riel lived till the age of fourty. He was born October 22, 1844 and died in November 16, 1885. He led two rebellions against the Canadian government and fought to keep the Metis rights. He was also know as the “Father of Manitoba’’.

Famous People – Kira

kira sloth

Maddie Zigeler is my first pick. She was a dancer on Dance Moms, an author. The books that she wrote are, The Audition and The Maddie Diaries. She is also a designer and her line is called Maddie style. Maddie has a younger sister named Mackenzie Zigeler. Maddie Zigeler is 15 years old, was born in Pittsburgh and born in 2002. She has been in many in many magazines such as, girls world, tiger beat, teen vogue, many others.

My second person is Alessia Cara. She is a singer and favourite song by her is Wild Things. She is 21 years old. Some of her songs are I’m yours, Here, Scars to your beautiful, Seventeen, Overdose, Four pink walls and many others. Alessia Cara is Canadian. I think she is really pretty. Alessia Cara has brown curly hair and I love the clothes she wears. Alessia Cara lives in Brampton Ontario.

The third person that I picked is Annie LeBlanc. She is a singer and songwriter, gymnast, actress, and her family has a YouTube channel that is called Bratayley and has over 5 million subscribers. Annie LeBlanc has a sister named Hayley LeBlanc. But unfortunately her older brother Caleb passed away from heart disease in 2015. Her parents names are  Billy and Katie LeBlanc.

Famous People – Kiara

KiaraJulie Payette is our Govenor General.  Her spouse is William Flyn. She was born on October 20, 1963 in Quebec. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. She was an astronaut and has had six degrees.

Beyonce was born on September 4th. She is an American singer. She has won a bunch of awards for her songs.

Eddie Murphy is an actor and is the voice of Donkey in Shrek Forever After. His brother Charlie Murphy died in a battle of leukemia eight years after his wife died from cancer.  This is really sad, right? Eddie Murphy’s real name is Edward Regan Murphy.

Famous People – Tyce

student_4One of my favourite athletes is Wayne Gretzky. He was the best player in the NHL and the most famous person in the NHL too. His number is ninety-nine and nobody is allowed that number unless you are in another league then you are allowed that number. He has broken many records too.

My absolute favourite movie star is Jim Carey and he is so nice, funny, and awesome at acting in movies. However, he has made many mistakes in acting. When he gets the act perfect it is amazing to watch. He has broken many records as being the funniest movie star in the world.

Dwayne Johnson is my last movie star I am going to write about because he is strong, nice, and amazing to watch in his movies. I met him in Hollywood at Universal studios while we were in Disneyland with almost my whole family.  It was really cool.

Famous People – Taylor

taylorAlessia Cara is a great singer. I like to listen to her music in thecar. My favourite song by her is Wild Things. She is from Brampton, Canada. She is more famous to people how arelistening to newer music. She has long, brown, curly hair. My friend Rayah has the song Wild Things for her solo for carnival.

The second person I am writing about is Maddie Ziegler. Maddie has long strait brown hair. Maddie has little sister named Mackenzie. Maddie use to be on a show called Dance Moms. She is a author of two books one is called Maddie Diaries and The Audition.

My third person is Annie Leblanc. She is a famous you-tuber who has a family you-tube channel called Bratayley. She is 12 years old and she is a singer. She is an actor in a show called ‘Chicken girls’. She has a sister who is 9 and has a birthday on the same day as me on September 2. Her brother sadly passed away at the age of 13 from a heart disease. She also has her own you-tube channel called Acro Annie. She does gymnastics on it and I like gymnastics too.

Important People – Sophia

my photoSakagawea was born in May 1788 Lemhi, Idaho around Kenney Creek and Agency Creek. She was married to a young man named Toussaint Charbonneau. She had two children named Jean Baptiste and Lizette Charbonneau.

R.L Stine is 74 now. He was born October 8, 1943. His actual name is Robert Lawrence Stine. His wife is Jane Waldhorn they were married in1969. Their son is Matthew Stine.

The last person I’m talking about is Julie Payette. She is now 54 born October 20, 1963 she is the Current Governor General of Canada. She is married to William Flynn one daughter named Laurier Brissette.

Famous People – Laci

LaciThe first person I picked is Maddie Ziegler. Maddie is a dancer when she was little she was on a show called Dance Moms. She now dances for Sia. She also has two books out called The Audition and Maddie Diaries; I own both. Maddie was born in Pittsburgh in 2002. She has a sister named Mackenzie.

The second person I picked is Mackenzie Ziegler. She was also on Dance Mom like her older sister Maddie. Mackenzie started dancing at Dance Moms when she was two years old. Her birthday is June 4 2004 and was born in Pittsburgh. Mackenzie has a clothing line and has her own songs.

The third person I picked is Frederick Banting he invented insulin in 1921. He is Canadian and lived in Ontario. He was born on November 14, 1891. Luckily he saved millions of peoples lives.

Famous People – Kassidy

KassidyMy first famous person is Maddie Ziegler. She is it a dancer, actor and singer she has a younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler. They both sort of do the same things. Maddie, is also a really flexible dancer she travels a lot and she lives in Pittsburgh; it’s pretty there.

The  second famous person is Annie Leblanc, she is an actor, singer, and songwriter she also travels a lot she lives in L.A she also has a younger sister Haley Leblanc, they have two puppies they are really nice girls I have always wanted to meet them so bad.

This is my last famous person Hayden Sumrall he is an actor, singer and songwriter he is one of Annie’s best friend they are called Hannie; together  Hayden is also a really nice guy I have always wanted to meet him too Hayden has two older brothers they’re so nice to Hayden and also funny.

Famous People – Olivia

Olivia_photoOne of the famous people I am talking about is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Adele is a musician. She is one of my favorite musicians. Adele is born on May 5, 1988. She is now the age 29.

Another famous person I am writing about is Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh is an artists. He is one of the most famous people that ever existed .

My last person I am talking about is Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is an author. He writes silly stories for kids. Dr. Seuss would be 108 years old if he was still alive. He was born in 1904 and died in 1991.

Amazing People – Kyle

kyleOne of the famous people I’m writing about is down is Wayne Gretzky because he is the best hockey player in the world. He is the best athlete I know. He has the most points ever in the NHL. He has over one-thousand points.

My second famous person I’m writing about is Rocket Richard he has one of the hardest shots in the world he hit Steven Stamkos on the nose with a slap shot and it made Steven Stamkos get hurt bad.

The last famous person I’m writing about is David Suzuki because he is one of the smartest person at science in Canada he is the wild Canadian Year and many more movies and shows.

My Favourite People – Maria

MariaDavid Suzuki is 81 years old. David Suzuki does lots of research and knows a lot. David Suzuki was in the Making of The Wild Canadian Year. He is very old but very famous.

Taylor Swift is a famous song writer. She makes good songs and is very pretty. She is very smart and is very nice. Sometimes I listen to her song she makes. And I like them.

Justin Bieber is a famous song writer too. I listen to him in my car sometimes. And I know one of his songs it is called Call of The Wild. And I like it. He is a really good song writer.

My Favourite People – Neeva

NeevaMy first favourite famous person is Taylor Swift. She writes lots of songs that I like. My favourite song she wrote is called “Are You Ready for It”.

Alessia Cara is one of my all-time favourite singers. My favourite song she sings with ZEDD is called “Stay”. Another song she sings is “Scars to your beauMytiful”.

Another one of my favourite singers is Justin Timberlake. I like him because his songs are happy and  fun to dance to.

Things I Need to Work on in 2018 – Logan

Logan PhotoI want to get better at soccer in forwards and goalie. To get better at that I have to go to practices every day.

All so I want to accomplish to do a tail whip on my new scooter and get wheels for my   other dog walking job is not enough so my dad got me a new job every day after school I go to my dad’s house to walk his dogs every day for a month.

I want to save money so I can get a gold top for my hover board and then I can roam the streets with a gold top for my hover.

My Goals for 2018 – Tabitha

Tabitha PhotoMy goal is to get better at rock climbing because everybody can climb to the top, except me.

By lots of practice I will improve so when I go back to Camp Bob I will be able to climb the real rock wall.

Getting my work done is my next goal for 2018, so I can get better marks in my report card. I will do this by remembering to take my homework home.

Remembering to do my chores from the chore board is another goal. I have a big family of six, so it is important we all do our share. So I can remember I write a note to myself.

My 2018 Goals – Jaidyn

Jaidyn - PhotoOne of my goals is to become a better hockey player because hockey is one of my main sports. I want to get better at it. It would help us win.

Another one of my goals is to make more friends because I like making new friends because my friends support me.

I want to become a better reader because I’m not a very good reader right now so it would help me in school and life.

Goals for 2018 – Lexi

Lexi photoOne of my goals for 2018 is to get better at drawing so I can start a Drawing club. I love to draw and I will always love to draw.

My second goal for 2018 is to get a puppy because I have been wishing for one forever and if I get one I’ll freak out.

My third goal for 2018 is to go see my dad because I have not seen him since 3rd grade

Goals for 2018 – Tyce

student_4One of my goals is to exercise more and I also want to become a faster skater in hockey.  If I skate faster, I might score my first goal in hockey. I want to become stronger too.

My second goal, is to write neat in school because my mom or my dad could get mad at me. I could even get a lower mark in any subject I could name. I would not get as much smart bucks either but I want to get a lot of smart bucks for the auction.

I have one more goal and it is to get twenty-five thousand smart bucks for the auction before Spring break. I could get better stuff at the auction but I don’t want to get everything in the auction.

Goals for 2018 – Morgan

MorganMy goals are getting to school on time. I know that Mr. Mollinga wants us there on time to get all of our work done. Being on time, means to be in my desk when the bell rings ready to learn.

My second goal is to do better in math. I can do this by practicing every day. To help me do this I can do flash cards and practice sheets.

My last goal is to finish my school work in school. To do this I can use my time given in class to do my work. By doing this I will have more time to play with my friends.

My Goals for 2018 – Layla

my picture laylaOne of my Goals for this year is to go to rock climbing, not in the high school gym on real rocks but not too high because my mom won’t let me. I will start at the high school gym climbing wall. When I start timing myself I will try to get under 20 or 30 seconds from bottom to top. It’s going to be super hard but I can do it. I think it might take a long time though. I haven’t been there yet but I am going to ask my mom if we can go.

Division is hard for me. That’s why it’s my goal. I don’t get how to do it that well. I only know the ones twos threes and tens. I think it’s hard for a lot of people. It might take a while for me to get to know how to do it. People keep on telling me that it’s the opposite of multiplication. But I still don’t get it. My mom doesn’t have time to teach me how to do it

I got it from Hawaii. My second cousins gave it to me. It just sits in my closet. I don’t know how to play it though. Its white blue and it has flowers on it.

My Goals for 2018 – Kassidy

KassidyMy first goal is in dance. There are a couple things I want to improve on my head spot, splits, and jumps .I want to do those things because I have two competitions coming up.

The second goal of mine is to get better at reading .That’s why I do home reading. I also do home reading because I love to read; it’s awesome.

Now my last goal is to have better printing so maybe I can be able to write a storybooks and be an author and maybe sell a lot of books however I probably   won’t get to when I am older because I might not have neat printing so I might  not do any of those things.

My Goals for 2018 – Sophia

my photoMy goal for this year is to get better at hockey and soccer. And this is because I want to get faster and a lot better at being a forward, defenseman and maybe even goalie.

What my goal is for this year is to get better grades on my report card. Even though I got all A’s and two B’s I think I can do better and get straight A’s and learn new things.

A goal I have for this year is to get a lot better at swimming. So I can get into another level and do better at some of my strokes.

My Goals for 2018 – Elias

eliasMy goal is to be better in school because my behavior last year.

This new goal this year is to get more exercise because I am getting lazy.

I got a new goal this year which is to get off the couch because it gets me lazy.

My Goals for 2018 – Georgia

Georgia picThis year my first goal is to get better at math. I chose this goal because I think that I can get better at division and multiplication. Also I think that I need to get at division so I can be as smart as my sister

My second goal for this year is getting better at dance. I am doing okay in dance but I want to get better at dance before the next dance show in May.

I have one more goal I would like to get better at and it is getting along with my sister. Sometimes, I get along with my sister but other times I don’t. Sometimes we get into fights but it stops as soon as Willow grabs me with her nails.

My Goals for 2018 – Kyle

kyleOne of my goals is to be captain on my hockey team. The captain my hockey team right now is Rylan’ he is a good hockey player. He and I both have the same amount of goals. Last game we both got three goals.

My second goal this year is to get over fifty thousand smart bucks in our class. Right now I have twenty-two thousand. I chose this goal so whenever we have an auction I will have a lot of smart bucks to spend on objects.

The last goal I have is to be able to do tricks on a trampoline like a back flip or a front flip and a bunch of different tricks. My favorite trick that I want to be able to do is a back flip.

My Goals for 2018 – Kira

kira slothOne of my goals for 2018 is that I want to eat more proteins because I am a vegetarian and I think I need to eat more proteins. I found a bunch of recipes that are full of proteins and veggies.

Another one of my goals is to focus on dance more because I really want to join performing Arts. I also want to join tap and ballet because you have to if you want to join performing arts. If a want to do that I have to make sure I get every single step

My biggest goal is that I want to do better in school because I talk a lot. I also need to improve my printing because I do not print very neat and I am in forth grade now and I just need to improve.

My Goals for 2018 – Laci

LaciOne of my goals is to work on turns in dance. I want to work on my turns because I have a turn board that helps with your turns.

The next goal is to save my money. I want to save my money for gymnastic mats. Gymnastic mats will help me with being more flexible and so I can practice my gymnastics.

My last goal is to work on Tippi coming to school more and to practice a down stay with Tippi so when she does come she can stay longer.

My Goals for 2018 – Neeva

NeevaThis is one of my goals: To keep my desk clean. I chose this goal because my desk is messy.

One of my other goals is to start studying for spelling test. I think this is a good goal for me to have because most of the time I get low marks on the spelling tests. In other words I want to be on SSC (Special Spelling Committee) Every spelling test.

My last goal is to learn how to type without looking at my hands. I want to learn how to do this so I can type faster and I will be able to look things up faster. I would like to learn this before next Christmas.

My Goals for 2018 – Olivia

Olivia_photoOne of my goals is to get more active in P.E. The reason I want to be more active is so I can get better grades and so I can get more points for my team if we’re in teams.

Another goal I have is to do better in piano so I can do different songs at different levels. This is so my mom is happy I’m not pushing her buttons.

My last goal is to learn new things in riding my horse so I can win competitions and beat my mom in challenges for things I want.

My Goals for 2018 – Maria


My goal is to be a really good soccer player and if I am not I will keep on trying until I am really good at it.

Swimming is my 2nd goal. I really want to be a good swimmer because I am not good at swimming. I want to be good at it so I can swim laps around the pool.

A goal I want to achieve is to be a really good skater on ice so I can go to the skating rink.

Goals for 2018 – Kiara

KiaraMy number one goal is to be a really good goalie like my sister Avary. I`m going to go to goalie camp like her. I love my sister a lot and i`m going to be like her. I chose this goal because I love hockey

I have a second goal and it`s to be a great friend. I love to be around animals, nature and people. I chose this goal because I think it will make more friends for me.

The last goal I have is to get my brother Mason to stop being so annoying. I chose this goal because Mason is super mean to me.

My Goals for 2018 – Taylor

taylorOne of my goals for 2018 is to land my axle on the ice. The reason I want to land my axle is because I have been trying to land it for two years now. If I land my axle I will be so happy.

Another goal is to not talk as much so I do not get in trouble as much. If I do not talk as much I will not lose a many smart bucks.

The last goal is to stop biting my nails .If I stop biting my nails I can paint my nails. And my sisters will stop making fun of me.


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