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Grade 6 and 7 Concert

On Thursday, June 14th, there will be a music concert done by the grade 6 and 7 students under the direction of Mr. Ogren. Everyone is welcome to attend at 9:10 a.m. Advertisements

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Recorder Order from Mr. Ogren

Here is a letter from Mr. Ogren about ordering a recorder for you child at Sunset School. Recorder Order (PDF)

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Can Creativity Be Taught? Sir Ken Robinson

“If there was a moment when our crisis in education hit critical mass it may well have been the date Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk went up on YouTube. In just 19 minutes his wry but eviscerating presentation gave voice … Continue reading

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Sunset School Singing

Here’s a link to Sunset School’s Intermediate classes singing live the song “Waiting for Orca”: http://www.ourclass.tv. It was written by Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright who were guests at the school to encourage the importance of the arts.

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Dance, Music and the Visual Arts in one video.

Yes, believe it or not, there are those who have a sense of imagination that has many of us asking, how did they think of that? I showed this to my students because of the wonderful music, beautiful colours and … Continue reading

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Teaching Art in Our Class

Ever wondered how students can learn to be great artists? Believe or not, they already are. In Our Class, we have a wonderful artist who comes in to help teach art. Not only is she a great artist but she … Continue reading

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