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Buddy Reading

Mrs. Bono helping students read during the time that her grade 1 students read with Mr. Mollinga’s grade 4 students. Advertisements

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Literary Program – Volunteers Needed!

Do you enjoy reading with kids? Do you have a couple of hours a week to spare? The One-to-One Literacy Program matches volunteers and students to read together for 30 minutes. Please come to the training and information session Thursday, … Continue reading

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Mr. Mollinga’s Reading Groups

Now that Mr. Mollinga has finished his reading, writing and math assessments, he will be starting his small reading groups. This is where various students in groups of 8 or 9 will join him to read aloud right after recess … Continue reading

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Principal’s Message

Yesterday, we reorganized our intermediate students to be in five classrooms, rather than six, in response to a reduction of 0.4 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) in Sunset’s teaching time. This happened because we missed our spring projection of 240 students … Continue reading

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Sharks live in warm waters and don’t have many predators. They have also been around since the dinosaur age but are now going extinct.  They eat many different fish and sea bottom life such as stingray, bill fish, and small … Continue reading

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The Witch by Rilee

A long, long time ago there was a boy around the age of five. He had brown hair and hazel green eyes. His name was Tucker Riehl and Halloween was Tucker’s favourite time of the year. It was Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

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Students added to this Blog

Students are now being added to this blog as Editors so they can add information about what’s going on in the class. Lately, they’ve been doing book reviews on novels they’ve been reading in class.

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